It all began with Marinos Tsiorvas, a founder whose passion for quality Asian food was fueled from a young age working at his family-owned Chinese restaurant. His desire to expand the family business to a place where people would enjoy the so many possibilities that Asian food had to offer led years later to the creation of WOKnROLL.

Having travelled around Asia for a culinary journey at food markets and restaurants, Marinos has gained the experience needed to create the perfect product that would add value to the brand he set out to build.

Today, WOKnROLL has managed to build a strong reputation of a high-quality healthy Asian restaurant that never ceases to challenge the norm and create flavours in ways never seen before. All its dishes tell a story, create a very special atmosphere and make perfect sense in what we call eating well made easy.



We believe that it should be easy to eat quality, tasteful and healthy food every single day. We make meals that are healthy and fresh using high quality ingredients to ensure that the food you eat is everything it should be.

We choose carefully whatever comes in our kitchen and we only choose ingredients that are produced in a safe and sustainable manner to provide the best nutritional value needed for a healthy living.


Eat in moderation for your
own health as well as
that of the planet.

Repeat your meal by storing
and consuming any excess of
it the following day.

Make recycling a lifelong

Treat by collecting and
composting food scraps.


The effects of climate change are now more pressing than ever. But together, we can drive positive change if we all, business and society, act collectively and take urgent action.

To do our part to help the world achieve the goals of a healthy planet, WOKnROLL has set a target to drive responsible climate choices by becoming an energy efficient restaurant. At the same time, WOKnROLL has launched the “Fight Waste” initiative to raise awareness on food production, responsible for nearly 25% of global greenhouse emissions, and to address climate change through reducing food waste.

Every day, everyone, has a chance to act.
So, let’s act now!