Our refined menu offers a unique dining experience to live up to the highest of your expectations. Featuring dishes inspired by modern cooking methods and creative combinations, our selection of refined dishes showcases the quality, taste and delivery of an elegant dining excellence.

Prepared using a wide range of cooking techniques, ingredients and seasonings, our Chinese dishes can be enjoyed served straight out of our kitchen for a fuller appreciation of the intense flavours and the different textures that are characteristic to Chinese cuisine.

With all the uniqueness and simplicity in its form making it special as a choice, our Japanese cuisine offers a wide selection of sushi rolls, sashimi and salads made of fresh and premium quality ingredients for a more enjoyable eating experience.

For those seeking tasty but healthier choices, our fitness cuisine has been designed to satisfy your desire for a healthy lifestyle. Developed under the guidance of Clinical Dietician – Nutritionist, Yiannis Kerimis, our meals are always calorie measured, with combinations that provide essential vitamins and nutrients.



We have put together a selection of the most popular dishes from our Chinese cuisine for you to view.


Our newly renovated and modern space with its friendly atmosphere ensures that you have an enjoyable eating experience.