It is our passion and commitment to deliver quality food that is highly nutritional by choosing fresh and healthy ingredients.

We want to offer our customers a unique choice that is driven by our desire to do good and have a positive impact on the people and the environment around us.

We love what we do and care about the people we do it for. We are committed to the promise we made to make it easy for you to eat well every single day.

Eating well made easy!

Our Secret

We start by choosing our ingredients carefully, gathering the best ideas in cooking and developing unique recipes to bring the best into your plate. Our menu is composed of dishes that promise to please and offer a memorable experience.

That’s the WOKnROLL secret.


We are proud to share our passion for great healthy Asian dining experience delivered through our restaurant, takeaway & delivery, and catering services with the same commitment to excellence.


We’ve created an environment with all the originality, experimentation and innovation that our brand has to offer. Our menu is composed of dishes that contribute to a unique and special dining experience, with a service team always by your side.


We have developed our takeaway & delivery service with its own special menu with meals that you can order online through our platform. Our meals are prepared and packaged with great care for you to enjoy at home or at work at their best possible version.


Personalising our attention to the needs of our customer, we offer a flexible choice of menus and services to fit the needs of your event, whether it’s corporate or private.


Prepared using a wide range of cooking techniques, ingredients and seasonings, our Chinese dishes can be enjoyed served straight out of our kitchen for a fuller appreciation of the intense flavours and the different textures that are characteristic to Chinese cuisine.


Our Japanese cuisine now offers a wide selection of sushi rolls made of brown rice for those who love sushi but would like a healthier option. You can now enjoy our brand-new brown rice sushi with no added sugar.


For those seeking tasty but healthier choices, our fitness cuisine has been designed to satisfy your desire for a healthy lifestyle. Developed under the guidance of Clinical Dietician – Nutritionist, Yiannis Kerimis, our meals are always calorie measured, with combinations that provide essential vitamins and nutrients.


Our refined menu offers a unique dining experience to live up to the highest of your expectations. Featuring dishes inspired by modern cooking methods and creative combinations, our selection of refined dishes showcases the quality, taste and delivery of an elegant dining excellence.


Our people are the spirit and driving force behind WOKnROLL. A team of passionate people who put a lot of love and care to serve you quality food with a sustainable and green approach.