Wok n Roll - The Story

It all started with Marinos Tsiorvas, a founder whose passion about quality Asian food was something of a legacy passed down from a life spent working in his family-owned Asian restaurant.

From a young age, he believed in a place where you get great food, made fresh, prepared by experts. And that’s how, years after, he set forth to create a concept that delivered exactly that – great tasting and fresh Chinese and Japanese recipes. 

Today’s Wok n Roll dine-in, take-away and delivery eating experience, coupled with its new addition of Fitness Cuisine, is all about a whole new mood, a new way of living: That of easily accessible, yet quality and fresh Asian food that serves as a companion to the contemporary lifestyle of healthy living.

To help reasssure clients and deliver the highest level of service, Wok n Roll has gained multiple certifications, including CYS ISO EN 9001:2008 No. QS.1.16.014 and CYS ISO EN 22000:2005 No. HC.16.003, the most recognised quality management standards in the world.

The primary focus of these standards is to deliver a consistent performance based on a number of quality management principles in order to ensure that clients get good quality products and services. With CYS ISO EN 9001:2008 and CYS ISO EN 22000:2005, Wok n Roll puts in place processes that allow us to improve the way we operate at all levels and to control food safety hazards in food and beverage preparation and serving, in order to ensure that your food is safe.




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