Eating Well Made Easy 

At Wok n Roll, we are making it easy for you to eat and live better.

Recognising the importance of getting high-quality and healthy food on your plate, we’ve brought together a team of the finest food suppliers, the most experienced nutritionist Yiannis Kerimis, and kitchen experts to cater for healthy Asian meals that are fresh, nutritious and full of flavour.

Our main focus is on taking care every aspect of your well-being. This is why we’ve set forth to create a culinary journey of healthy and fresh Asian dishes that will inspire a healthy way of living. All our meals are prepared with the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, in consultation with our highly qualified nutritionist, Yiannis Kerimis, to make sure that the food you eat is everything it should be. 


Chinese culture and food is all about balance and variety – from vegetables, grains and fruits to meat, poultry, and fish. Yet, preparing quality Chinese food requires a lot of expertise and experience. This is why Wok n Roll has a team of professional chefs who use the finest ingredients and the right cooking methods to ensure that you get a healthy and a well-balanced meal, without compromising on Chinese flavours. Our approach to Chinese dishes is the use of healthy ingredients and this is why we believe in the healthy aspect of replacing sugar with Stevia.


Made from ingredients that are always fresh and sourced by the best local and Asian food suppliers, Wok n Roll’s Japanese-inspired cuisine is more than a tasty lunch or dinner. It’s simple, it’s healthy and it’s nutritious. In other words, we serve nothing less than the best and finest.


Wok n Roll, in collaboration with our highly qualified nutritionist Yiannis Kerimis, has carefully designed a series of healthy meals that are calorie- and portion-controlled and contain all the necessary vitamins that contribute to your exercise routine and the overall well-being.

Find our meals in our restaurant, at specific selling points or from our pre-package menu.  

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